We are BOS:

We are Branded Packaging Designers who specialise in the Brand On Shelf. We create brands that have confidence and strength amongst their peers where it matters most; on the supermarket shelf, on the specialist retailer’s shelf, on the consumer’s shelf at home. Packaging that lives beyond the till.

As a respected member of the branding and packaging design community we have been around for over 30 years and have built a solid reputation for effective, award-winning design.

Our aim is always to surprise and delight our clients. We work together to achieve this time and again, often surprising and delighting ourselves along the way. All of this enables us to provide a consistency of service that has our clients returning year after year.

Why do we exist?

We believe in the power of branding and packaging design. The role it plays in the purchase decision in store, and the power it has to build a relationship with the consumer once they get it home. To this end we create brand confidence on shelf. We ensure that brands have real presence and help them to build strong relationships in store and beyond the till.

How do we do it?

Everything we do is focused, with the end goal being to create Brand Confidence. Focused Creativity from our designers to create the strongest solution that exceeds our clients’ expectations. Focused advice and project management from our client management team to deliver the solution in a rewarding and enjoyable way.

Good branding and packaging design makes a big difference to the potential for a brand to succeed.  It is also one of the most cost-effective ways of generating increased listings and sales. If you want examples of the effect of good design on a brand’s performance just have a look at the Design Effectiveness Awards organized each year by the DBA (we won a Design Effectiveness Award for our work with Kenwood last year).


We are BOS: