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Brand On Shelf is a branding & design agency based in London, Gloucester and Leeds.


We work with national and international FMCG and retail clients helping them address and overcome the many branding challenges that they and their products face such as: lack of stand-out, differentiation or brand personality; brands and products that are unattractive to consumers and environmentally poor packaging.

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Every client and problem is different so we don’t try to impose a rigid approach or solutions. Instead we focus on understanding their challenges using a mixture of techniques ranging from research, vox pops, development of customer insights, workshops, ideation, design etc.

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We work both strategically and practically. We love the challenge of helping clients develop long term design and branding strategies as well as the execution of packaging solutions, in-store point of sale and marketing activations, and the creation of end-to-end consumer solutions.


Experience, skills and energy define the Brand On Shelf team which, when combined, also feeds our obsession and enables us to yield the power of design. 


Call us and let us work with you to resolve your ongoing branding and packaging challenges!